Friday, September 16, 2011

LOOk How CRafTY we aRe

i haven't had a head boaRd since i was in jR. high and i decided that it was time to have a grown up bed. headboaRds can be spendy though. my sisteR julia tuRned me on to the idea to make one and i Ran with it, dRagging Ry along as i tend to do. but look how good it tuRned out. go us!


in the midst of the chaos and stRess that comes with moving, Ry decided to build a foRt.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lake Powell

nothing like a little tRip to powell to wRap up a gReat summeR!

Ry decided that while fishing is kinda lame, catching, is a lot of fun.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mom's Visit to Cali

mom came out to cali foR some much needed R&R and we did ouR best to show heR a good time. we went to the pieR view maRket and ate out at a bunch of ethnic food stands including egyptian

we went back to the san diego zoo and theRe is Ryan, making fRiends as always.

theRe's a lion in the backgRound at the wild animal paRk. i've neveR seen him anywheRe else

Ry showed mom how to suRf. i was veRy enteRtained. isnt she so cute in heR lil' wetsuit

gedde villa equals totally awesome!

i wish my kicks had wings. they just dont make em' like that anymoRe.