Friday, July 29, 2011

back to sea woRld

i got to pick out my very own oyster

the pearl inside wasnt black like i was hoping, but it was pretty big.

if you hold a starfish under water and youre very still,

it will relax around your hand.
sea turtle reef is new this summer and it is FANTASTIC!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

love is hot pie

love is when youR wife makes you a stRawbeRRy-RhubaRb pie fRom scRatch

the ZOO!!

my husband IS the beast masteR.

he had that snake dancing all oveR the glass.

so get this, the oldest toRtise at the san diego zoo came from austRalia.
they got him from daRwin, yes, the daRwin, who bRought him fRom the galapagos islands!

the san diego zoo is now the home of a dozen young chinese acRobats.
this kid did this hand stand on each chaiR as they weRe bRought out one by one.

Ry is always tRying to touch the animals. he had alReady managed to pet a tuRtle and the last time we weRe at a zoo, he not only pet but was licked by an okapi (google em', stRange animal)


he has completed 5 yeaRs with the
United States Marine Corps
now theRe's not much foR him to do but pack up all of
his cammo and stoRe it all away somewheRe.

i was a little pRematuRe with the photo above.
i took it and he kept pulling medals and awaRds out of what seemed like thin aiR.

Friday, July 8, 2011


the 4th of july is my favoRite day of the entiRe yeaR, hands down.

Ryan and i got up eaRly and headed out to camp pendelton, and the del maR beach.

we aRRived at 10:00 am and still had to walk 3/4 of a mile down to the beach. it's the place to be foR the 4th. we stayed all day and the betteR paRt of the night. 12 houRs.

yes we look scaRy.

ah look at dane, all tuckeRed out.