Monday, April 18, 2011

red-neck pizza

so maybe it's haRd to think of things to make foR dinneR, especially when it's time foR anotheR tRip to the gRoceRy stoRe. i said, "well, theRe's fRench bRead so let's make pizza....we've got cheese, sauce, onion, tomato and an avacado...that's it." Ryan shRugged, "we have hot dogs and lunch meat. let's just thRow that on theRe too." so is boRn the Red-neck pizza.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ryan's fRiend, dane, was nice enough to come play photogRapheR foR us so that we could get some engagements done. gotta put something on the announcement.

sea world!

my fRiend, megan, came to visit and i pRomised that Ryan and i would take heR to sea woRld foR heR late biRthday pResent and sea woRld is totally awesome. i had neveR been befoRe so eveRything was new and exciting. "dude"
i was kinda suRpRised that staR fish feel just like the Rocks they stick to.
this was my first time to sea woRld and so my fiRst time seeing shamu. yeah my jaw dRopped.

Ryan always makes fRiends so easy

kat and ben tie the knot

Ryan and i weRe able to get home foR kathRyn's (Ryan's sisteR) and ben's wedding. it was so gReat to be theRe to help them celebRate
this is how boys make themselves useful at weddings


i didnt get the cameRa out because i didnt want it damaged in the game and yes i RegRet it, i always do. anyway, Ryan asked if i wanted to go play paintball with some of the guys fRom the shop, assuRing me that otheR wives and giRlfRiends would be theRe. ok sounds like fun, i paintballed a little bit in jR. high. well jR. high was a long time ago and theRe stood kRisten and i amidst 12 maRines all holding functional fiReaRms......

....what a dumb place to be. the bottom one scaRRed. a daily RemindeR that to willingly allow myself to be shot by highly tRained men is just not smaRt.


one thing about Ryan, he hates getting attention. he loves a good paRty as long as it's not foR him so we spent his biRthday just the two of us. i cooked us a dinneR that would have made my mom pRoud and it would have been peRfect, but Ryan had to stay late at woRk so it was a little cold and dRy by the time he got home. ah well. it was still pRetty good. not to woRRy, the made-fRom-scRatch chocolate cake mad up foR eveRything. it was yum. we had it foR desseRt, bReakfast and lunch.
anotheR thing you might not know about Ryan, he takes his bubble blowing into chocolate milk veRy seRiously. appaRently theRe aRe fineR points that some people just dont leaRn gRowing up. one of them being: bubbles wait foR no man (neither does Ry). he broke apaRt a pen so that he could have a stRaw to make the bubbles.

oceanside pier market

heRe in the lovely, though sometimes shady, city of oceanside theRe is a weekly vendoR fRee foR all. an inteRsection of stReets gets shut down and all the vendoRs set up. it's the usual stuff but the food is awesome. this paRticulaR night, Ryan and i ate gReek, philippineo, aRgentinian, and two-otheR-countRies-that-i-can-neitheR-spell-noR-pRonounce food. that in my hand is a gyRo that was a teRRible mess and totally woRth it. i think about it when i'm alone with my thoughts sometimes. *dRool*