Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jellies?? Dude.....

the surf was pretty rough at the beach yesterday and it washed up
a few interesting things including this dude. pretty sure it was
super dead, but still way cool.
this guy is a Portuguese Man-of-War

Friday, January 18, 2013

And Welcome to Hawaii...

ok friends! im done dragging my feet. back to the blog.
lets start from the beginning....

Dec 1st. This is EVERYTHING we brought with us.
we found a little one bedroom apartment in Ewa Beach
which is just on the other side of the harbor from Honolulu...kinda.
This is ryans first island burn. not bad for december.

 Hanauma Bay is one of the biggest tourist spots. pretty good snorkeling.
 Two goofy lookin boys. BTW the dude with ry is jason. he's in a 
lot of pictures. he works with ry and is out here on his own
so he comes to play with us when we go looking for adventure.

 Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial. the flag is half mass because the senator
from HI had recently passed away.

 Fireworks on Waikiki every weekend :)

 Headed up to Diamond Head, sunrise

 Christmas morning

 Electric Beach. the locals call it something else but its right across
the street from the energy plant and the water for cooling circulates here
so its easy to find some bathtub warm water. this is one of our favorite spots so far.
its not too crowded and the snorkeling is way fun. TONS of fish and usually turtles.

Manoa Falls hike