Friday, July 1, 2011


heRe we aRe at eldRedge manoRwe stopped at zions on our way up noRth to hike angels landing
it's by faR my favoRite hike in the canyon. we would have done moRe but between
bad knees and blisteRs, i was finished.

this is Ryan by my favoRite paRt of the hike, a little star cut into the mountain.

i choose to believe that it was made by natuRal eRosion. choose.

i told Ry that to kids he isnt a peRson, he's a Ride.

aw. fat JAK. isnt he a doll. mom and i went to babysit one morning and he was so good.

not haRdly a peep. he just played nicely with his toys and let us spoil him with attention.

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  1. Ha! You have some of the same pictures at Angels Landing that we got on our honeymoon!