Thursday, July 12, 2012

June rolls into July...

so this june we weRe lucky enough to be able to take a little tRip to
sunny aRizona (since st geoRge isnt sunny and hot enough)
Ry's good fRiend was getting hitched and we aRe always looking foR a Reason
to bail on Reality foR a bit. we dRove to vegas and took in the aquaRium. lots of shaRks
and Rays and jelly fish. since we've taken up scuba, we'Re Really into maRine life.

 we gRabbed lunch at the eaRl of sandwich, bee-tee-dub, amazing!!!
also gellato...twice. need i say moRe?
once we finally got to ouR destination, we headed out to saguaRo national paRk.
these things aRe so cRazy big! they live foR something like 150 yeaRs and get to be
50 ft tall. shut the fRont dooR right? 

foR the 4th, my favoRite day of the entiRe yeaR, i had 5 Requirements:
1. get wet, 2.watermellon cream/popsicles 4.sunburn 5. fiRewoRks
we went out to zion and hiked the naRRows in puRsuit of 1 and 4. it was oveRcast
so i missed the sunburn, but we got plenty wet. i also got ice cReam and we
sat on ouR Roof to catch the fiRewoRks. 3 out of 5 isnt bad :)

also....what is this about. we have no clue.
it was on the side of the Road on the way to zion.

last night i made devils food cupcakes and white mountain fRosting
fRom scRatch to take to my woRk meeting. we had only been back fRom
the lake wheRe we had been diving foR the last couple houRs and i wanted my 
cake now. that is one cupcake in my hand and the Rest of the fRosting
in my lap. dont judge me. 

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