Saturday, December 14, 2013

and a happy birthday to me!!

happy birthday to me!! ryan is the coolest. he spoils me something fierce.
we both got new phones for my birthday. 
we also went to the monkey pod with some friends, zack, lydia anc co. & cami, tyler and co. who bought me a little origami book
(their kids sit by me in church and i show them how to fold frogs)
saturday morning was pipe masters up on north shore.
we got up at 5 am to make sure we got a spot to sit which was fortunate because it was PACKED.
over 10,000 people on the 1/4 mile of beach. what a circus, but so much fun.
OH! and the kids at school are too cool. they were so sweet and got me a fancy cake.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! That beach looks unreal!

  2. Yesh blog update!!!! Love love the hair down like that! Super cute