Saturday, December 17, 2011


decembeR 12th maRked my 24th yeaR. that's Right, i'm an even 2 dozen.
Ry, being the good husband that he is, made it a weekend event.
fRiday night we went to BASILLAS foR dinneR.
it's a tiny inconspicuous mediteRRanean eateRy and we HIGHLY Recommend it to eveRyone.
satuRday night, we went to the waRd chRistmas paRty. it was typical but we'Re
tRying to not be antisocials in this waRd.
when we got home, i opened the door and low and behold, stReameRs and balloons galoRe.
Ry and megan had tRied to thRow me a suRpRise paRty. howeveR, Ry didn't tell anyone until
that day, so we weRe a small but meRRy cRowd.
ps. what's up with Ry in this pictuRe? i dont even know.

on monday, i went to the gym, showeRed, and didnt get Ready. i spent the whole day in jammies
but thats not so unusual. Ry and gave me a caRd with $50 of guilt fRee spending....

and some delightful new Roxys

isnt he just the bestest

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  1. Happy Belated birthday Anna! Looks like it was awesome:) I love your new shoes!