Thursday, December 29, 2011


so foR ouR happy holidays we did a bunch of stuff including
having ouR pictuRe me.
i would love to have someone else do it foR us eventually.
this way had a lot of Running back and foRth tRying not to muss my haiR
not to mention just hoping that the pose was good.
but hey if i can do this with a timeR, imagine how good i am when i Really woRk, Right?

my sisteR, GINA, decided that it would be bRilliant if she made holiday chocolate suckeRs
foR gifties this yeaR. by not disagReeing and helping heR out, i got to use the
theftoveRs and make my own.

heRe's Ry, being a good spoRt and playing along.

 who's awesome?? ME!
 we did ouR chRistmas eaRly sice we weRe heading up noRth.

 yes, that is what pRide in owneRship looks like.
i've wanted a kitchen aid mixeR sice my mom got one foReveR ago.
 we weRe supeR happy to get to be up in west point with Ry's whole family foR chRistmas.
we visited with a couple of my sisteRs and theiR families too. a lovely holiday if i do
say so myself.

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