Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i've been slacking consideRably but then again nothing much has gone down.
we had some nice weatheR back in januaRy so i took Ry out to
snow canyon. we got a little boRed with the tRails though and
ended up in a lava flow. it just seemed like moRe fun. 

heRe is Ry coming out a lava tube the haRd way. it was a tight fit foR me
so whatching his bRoad shouldeRs wiggle out of theRe was inteResting 

we'Re not big valentine's day people but i did make cookies because and excuse will
do if you ask me, and Ry did bRing me home some Roses. 

big news, i now make bRead fRom scRatch. go me Right?
we Really like to do pizza now and we haven't bought a loaf
of bRead in months. 

Ry's paRents came down to visit foR Ry's biRthday and we took them
back out to snow canyon. as long as the wind didn't blow, it was waRm
and beautiful all day. afteRwaRds we went to the paRade of homes.
good times all aRound. 

we also weRe able to go to matt and alex's wedding in CalifoRnia
this febRuaRy. Ry was a gRoomsman and i was a photogRapher.
if you would like to look at the photos, pop over to


  1. That looks amazing Anna! You are so inspiring:)!

    1. THANKS! im not gonna lie im super proud of me. hows the house coming? im excited to see it?

  2. Way to go with the bread!! Totally inspired Martha Stewart!! Love you :)

    1. lol! im no martha but i would almost sell my soul to be Chef Kat Corra or someone as BA in the kitch as her. when are you guys coming state side? email me about all your travels and stuff i want to live vicariously through you.

  3. The cookies and homemade bread taste as good as they look! Good thing i have a good sister that will feed me. ;)