Friday, May 11, 2012


hey! so stuff happens to us foR suRe, but i usually only get a pic heRe and theRe
so i think it's best to make one awesome post RatheR than
a bunch of little ones.
up fiRst, Ry and i tied the knot. again i know. that makes one foR the goveRnment,
one foR us, and one foR the man upstaiRs. go us go!
i wasn't planning to do a bunch of pictuRes b/c i have my wedding pics ya know,
but i wasn't opposed to a few snap shots. wouldn't you know it,
a photogRapher happened to be between shoots and when momK asked heR
wheRe a good place to have a stand was, she just volunteeRed to snap a few foR us.
i'll post them heRe when i get 

we have discoveRed and fallen in love with Piccolo Mondo,
the new italian place up the stReet. have been twice, will RetuRn soon. olive gaRden, neveR again.
the chef, alfRedo, is a legit sicilian and cooks like one. not to mention talks like one,
you can baRely undeRstand him foR the accent.
this is me eating my linguini with clams, fish, something i couldn't identify, and calimaRi. not fRied.
how bRave am i? it's not the flavoR that will get ya, it's the textuRe.

foR those of you who don't know, Ry has been getting his scuba ceRtification and  heRe i am
giving it a tRy. gaRth (or gaR?) was my dive masteR. i picked it up pRetty quick, especially since i'm not
entiRely comfoRtable in the wateR, until i had to put wateR in my mask and get it back out.
afteR almost dRowning myself a few times i finally got the hang of it.

so much fun! looks like i will be getting ceRtified as well.
in lieu of motheR's day, because i'm not one, Ry, got me the vacuum of my dReams.
it's my "thanks foR not being a motheR yet" gift. 

once oveR the aRea Rug and the couches and we weRe shocked by what it picked up.
and it handles like a dream. turns on a dime. who needs a crevice tool??

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