Saturday, February 9, 2013

so this weekend we....

this is Lanikai. it's a very gentle beach on the eastern (windward) side
of the island. the water is beautiful and the beach is long and narrow. 
the water isnt great for snorkeling. visibility is poor and
the fish arent used to people so they hide. ry and jason are trying it
out though, just in front of that little boat.

this is a replica of a Buddhist temple that was built to celebrate the first 
Japanese immigrants. the real one is in Uji Japan and is over 900 years old  

laie point. that hole out there was made in one day during a tsunami
back in the 40s. the waves breaking all over this place were awesome.

and since we were in laie, we dropped by the temple for a minute.

we also dropped by a farmers market and got some amazing
bbq kabobs and fresh cut fruit and then drove along the north shore
to look at the banzai pipeline  

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  1. Yep, looks good. Lets go here! Cant wait to see you guys. I pulled this up and Kastle said "nanna". He remembers you!