Friday, August 2, 2013

so i'm a slacker

WOW! no post since February? i must be a slacker. well, here's the skinny; since February, i quit my job at the trampoline place because it was a soul-sucking force of despair and, while paying really well, made me hope to get into a car accident, or break a leg, or get really sick, so that i wouldn't have to go to work. not ok. i began the hunt for a new job as well as a new direction for my life. it's been all retail all the time since i was 18 and, let's face it, retail kinda sucks. but i didn't want to have an office job, i ruined photography for myself, i didn't really want to go back to a bank (they didn't wanna hire me anyway) and in the end i just wanted to be happy. is that so wrong? i certainly didn't think so.
     after some soul searching and a lot of research i decided that i wanted to be a massage therapist. not necessarily the kind at a spa, though i'm sure that would be fun (i can see myself working on a cruise ship) but i would love to be the kind in a physical therapist office. i would like to work with rehab and sports injuries. so off to school i go. 9 months and i graduate. Ryan through all of this has been nothing short of amazing. he doesn't tell me no when i really want something. if happy is my goal, it's his goal too. what a guy.
     ryan is still working for Intelligent Decisions. He runs the DSTS (dismounted soldier training system) on Schofield Barracks. he isn't in love with this job, but for now it will do. there isn't any way to grow in the company so we know that this won't be forever. ry is looking for other opportunities to keep in the loop but no big changes on the horizon just yet.
    we do go out and enjoy the island when we can and when the weather agrees. we invested in some diving gear and we've been out a few times. we will go more when we can get ry's regulator fixed. right now it's a little dodgy. not what you want when you're 40 feet under water. we snorkel and skin dive more often. i love how i can swim in the ocean and not in my pool. salt water for the win. we do fun things, i promise, i just forget my camera a lot and so there is no proof. i'm working on it. That's what is new with us!


  1. Massage Therapist sounds like a good direction for you. Kudos for taking the time to try and figure out what makes you happy! It looks like I am a "slacker" on my blog too...but we both know that isn't true! Happy back to school!

  2. What an adventure! 9's like you'll have an education baby! A beautiful, massage therapy, Hawaii, helping people with sports injuries, massage baby. School's not so bad,'ll be done before you know it!